Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I need an appointment to drop-off a bicycle?
Please call us to make an appointment. If it's a quick fix like a flat, moving a seat post, chain replacement, etc we are most likely able to do it wihtout an appointment, best to call and make sure, if you can :)

Do you do work on older bikes?
Yes we love to work on bikes, despite their "age".

How much is a tune-up?
A basic tune-up is $75-$80.

Do you have any bikes for sale?
Call us to check if we have any at the moment.

Are you a community co-op?
Nope. Try checking our 2 local community organizations: The Bike Library and The Eureka Bicycle Kitchen (

What forms of payment do you accept?
As a very small business, we really appreciate CASH payment. However, we do accept checks and cards.

I have a bunch of bike stuff, can I donate it to you?

I’m building up an old bike, do you sell used parts?
Sometimes. It depends on the part/bike. You could call us first, if you want to check.