Bicycle Services


(Simple Safety)


  • Air tires

  • Pedal Torque Check

  • Check/Set Brakes

  • Chain Check and Lube

  • Axel and QR Check

  • Check Nuts and Bolts

  • Frame Wipe-Down

New Moon Tune-Up


(The Standard)

  • New Moon Tune-Up

  • Lube Pivots/Moveable Parts

  • Derailleur Adjustment

  • Brake Adjustment

  • True Wheels on Bike

  • Bearing Systems Adjustment

Full Moon Tune-Up

Super Moon Tune-Up


(Higher Level Details)

  • Full Moon Tune-Up

  • Overhaul Hubs

  • Replace All Cables and Housing

  • Clean Parts in the Ultrasonic Cleaner (if needed)

Other Services

General Tune-up

Derailleur Adjustment



Flat Repair

3-Speed Hub Flat Repair

Brake Adjustment

Headset Adjustment

Drivetrain Clean

Cassette Removal

Hub Adjustment

Wheel True

Wheel Build

Spoke Replacement

Brake Pad Install

Shifter Install 

Tap Threads

Derailleur Alignment

Brake Install 

Bottom Bracket Install 

Headset Install

Chain Install

Cassette Install

Pedal Install

Saddle Install

Stem Install

Fork Install

Fender Install

Overhaul: Take apart, clean and grease, put back together.

Headset Overhaul

Hub Overhaul

Bottom Bracket Overhaul

Flat-fix (tube included) $17+tax

Call Us or come in for pricing and specifics

Skate Services

*there are many other services we provide for bicycles/skates and these are the basics.

Deep Cleaning

Bearing Cleaning/Oiling

Plate Mounting

Shoe-to-skate Conversion

Aluminum Insert Cutting

Wheel Placement

Bearing Installation

Truck Tightening/Loosening

Leather Boot Custom Sewing