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About Us

We are two queer people who own and operate this place

Moon Cycles is a community hub and safer-space which was founded in 2016 for the purpose of providing cyclists and skaters with knowledgeable and transparent service in an unpretentious, welcoming atmosphere (to the best of our abilities). We have a passion for creative problem solving, beloved bikes, customization and more people riding their bikes and being on roller skates. We try our best to work within peoples' budgets to find the best solution possible.


Our Story

Sprout and Sage, owners and operators

We met in Wetland Soils class at Humboldt State University years ago. We lived in town and had jobs here and there, but nothing was sticking. At a point when we couldn't find any jobs we realized that opening a bicycle shop was a great idea for a pair of super best friends like us. Sage had already been a self-taught, via bike co-ops, mechanic for over 15 years, at that point in 2016. We started the Moon Cycles endeavor in 2016 with the help of many generous donations from friends, family, and community members (please check-out the "Thank You" page). We have been trying our best to learn how to ethically run a business that is in line with our values and world view. We love interacting with the community and making friends through bicycles and roller skates and are excited to continue to do so for as long as possible.

Thanks so much for your continued support!

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