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Leveling-Up Your Bicycle

Is your bicycle comfortable? Would you like it to be more functional? Do you want to convert it to a different style of bicycle for a different purpose? Then you've come to the right place! One of the great things about bicycles is how simple and customizable they are. We love doing bicycle conversions to make the bike you already have work for your changing needs and pursuits. We offer four basic conversions.

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Comfort/Upright Conversion

Many people have bikes with long top tubes, drop bars or handle bars that are pitched too low, and stock narrow seats. The geometry of this kind of situation ultimately ends up causing neck, back, knee pain, and saddle soreness. This can easily be changed by adding a longer stem, different stem angle, different handle bars, and a more supportive saddle. If you're riding an older road bike where riding hurts your body, or you feel too outstretched or bent over, this conversion is for you.

Utility Conversion

Would you like your bike to be more practical for commuting, carrying things, running errands, or touring? In this package, we assess how to best outfit your frame for high-use and utility with the addition of quality tires, racks, baskets, saddlebags, bell, mirror, kickstand, fenders, etc. 


Adventure Conversion


Are you interested in exploring off-pavement? Do you want to make your bike more capable for a wider variety of rugged environments? In this conversion, we address the most important aspect of adventure cycling: Tires and drive train. We can assess and discuss the options available for giving you beefier tires that will allow you to travel on softer/sandier/muddier/gravel surfaces and optimizing your gearing for more hilly terrain. We can also look at improving your cockpit geometry for more comfort and efficiency.

Modernization Conversion

Do you have a beloved vintage bike that you'd like to modernize? Whether you'd like to change the gearing on your old ten speed, swap out your downtube friction shifters for brifters, or replace your rusty old 27" steel wheels for some light, new 700c aluminum ones, we love refreshing your sweet older bike so you can keep it going for longer and enjoy riding it more.

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