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  • How much is a tune-up?
    A basic tune-up is $75-$80.
  • Do I need an appointment to drop-off a bicycle?
    Please call us to make an appointment. If it's a quick fix like a flat, moving a seat post, chain replacement, etc we are most likely able to do it without an appointment, best to call and make sure, if you can :) 707-408-8181.
  • Do you do work on older bikes?
    Yes we love to work on bikes, despite their "age". Some things get better with age!!
  • Do you have any bikes for sale?
    They are listed on the front page of this website and in the "Shop" section of this website. Or you can call us to check if we have any at the moment.
  • Are you a community co-op?
    Nope. Try checking our 2 local community organizations: The Bike Library and The Eureka Bicycle Kitchen (
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    As a very small business, we really appreciate cash payment. However, we do accept checks and cards.
  • I have a bunch of bike stuff, can I donate it to you?
    Yes, please. Thank you!
  • I’m building up an old bike, do you sell used parts?
    Sometimes. It depends on the part/bike. You could call us first, if you want to check. 707-408-8181.
  • Do you take bike donations?
    Yes, we greatly appreciate bike donations.
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